Battery Electric Vehicle

The INES battery electric vehicle is a registered passenger car with five seats. It is a 2016 model Leaf of the Japanese car manufacturer Nissan. A charging station including a charge controller, a so-called wallbox, is mounted at the INES solar carport for recharging the battery electric vehicle. The charging process can be remote-controlled via the charge controller.

Employees of Offenburg University of Applied Sciences can book the INES battery electric vehicle via an online booking system (intranet).

Characteristics of the INES battery electric vehicle

Drive unit

Electric engine

Permanent magnet synchronous induction machine


80 kW/109 PS at 3,000 – 10,000 U/min


254 Nm at 0 – 3,000 U/min

Maximum speed

140 km/h

Driving range

250 km (NEDC nominal), ca. 200 km (real)


10...20 kWh/100 km




Nominal capacity, DC voltage

30 kWh, 360 V

Charge options

1-phase AC: 3.3 – 7.4 kW; DC: up to 50 kW

Charge connector (at BEV)

Type 1, CHAdeMO