Micro Trigeneration

The laboratory for small-scale combined power-heat-cooling systems (micro trigeneration) enables simulations of complex energy supply systems for providing electricity, heat and cooling. The control strategy includes the consideration of grid load and consumer demand.   The current grid load is provided by an external signal. A real demand scenario can be simulated using the triple climate chamber. Corresponding operation algorithms optimize the micro-trigeneration system under these boundary conditions. The system includes the following components:

  • Cogeneration unit: 5 kW,el / 10 kW,th

  • Hot water stratified storage: 1,500 l with 6 kW,el heating rod

  • Adsorption refrigerator: 12 kW,th

  • Reversible heat pump: 12 kW,cooling and 16 kW,heating

  • Cold water stratified storage:  1,450 l

  • Cooling tower / outdoor unit: 29 kW,exhaust heat, also heat source

The components are connected in a way that enables a very flexible thermo-hydraulic coupling (also called cascading). The comprehensive process automation can be operated with market field systems, providing a test platform for optimized control algorithms.