About Us

The research activities of the Institute of Energy Systems Technology (INES) focus on investigations and development of systems for the sustainable use of energy. Eleven professors and their staff work in interdisciplinary projects in the far-reaching field of energy systems technology. Research and development topics include smart grids, building energy technology, battery technology, photovoltaics, energy economics, and electromobility.

INES currently comprises six major research groups:

The institute INES is located in the Georg-Dietrich Building at Campus Nord in Offenburg-Bohlsbach, which provides office space and seminar rooms as well as room for comprehensive test benches and pilot installations. The equipment includes a distributed energy grid (smart grid with renewable power generation, storage, and consumption), climate chambers for investigations of the heat distribution within buildings, a battery electric vehicle, a trigeneration unit, as well as test benches for battery characterization and photovoltaics production.

For supporting the development, analysis and operation of energy systems and their components, INES provides comprehensive expertise in modeling, simulation, control, and optimization – from multi-physics simulation of lithium-ion batteries to model-predictive control of thermally activated building systems.

INES offers space for application-oriented teaching. Students, such as in Energy Systems Technology, Environmental and Energy Pocess Engineering or Energy Conversion and Management, perform laboratory classes and internships or work on their final theses in the framework of ongoing research projects. In addition, experiments for the student project GREENLIGHT are located at INES.