Jobs at INES

Welcome to the Institute of Energy Systems Technology! For our research and development team, we are looking for you as a committed scientist or student.

Young researchers and doctoral students

Open positions for scientists and doctoral students are listed on the right. The INES Professors also welcome unsolicited applications, independent of current listings. Doctoral studies are possible within cooperative doctoral programs and individual projects.


Students at Offenburg University have several options to participate in energy-related research projects, including internships, final-thesis projects and student assistantships. Please apply directly to the head of the respective research group, depending on your field of interest.


Students involved in the GREENLIGHT project can conduct experimental studies at INES. Participation in GREENLIGHT is also possible through case studies and research modules during the semester.

Lectures and labs

The INES Professors teach in a number of study programs at Offenburg University, including the German-taught Bachelor's degree programs Energy Systems Technology, Environmental and Energy Process Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (with a specialization in Power Engineering) and the international (English-taught) Master's degree program Renewable Energy and Data Engineering. Feel free to contact us at our lectures and labs!