Cooperation Opportunities

INES can become involved as an appraising, supporting or consulting partner, and also carry out research and development tasks independently. Possible forms of cooperation are briefly described below. For further details and individual inquiries, please contact the Head of the Institute.

Cooperation in publicly funded projects

The most common form of collaboration is between the Institute and companies and/or other research institutions. In the context of publicly funded programs at state, federal or EU level, (partial) financing of the work may be possible. Such projects typically extend over a period of 2-3 years. Depending on the funding program, projects range from bilateral or multilateral to large project consortia. Cooperation can also be entered on a nonfinancial, strategic and/or informative basis for mutual benefit.

Direct research contracts

Direct research and development orders by companies allow for bilateral cooperation without tedious application-administrative work. Contract terms range from several weeks to years. The delivery of products is usually excluded; only services can be provided and, in some cases, a prototype or a demonstrator can be built and delivered.

Advisory services and appraisals

INES advises the industry and prepares expert opinions on all matters in which it is competent.

Scientific and technical support

INES offers companies and institutions the opportunity to test novel components and systems in the market and in application. Our researchers carry out long-term measurements under use conditions (monitoring) for this purpose and evaluate the measurement results. Vulnerability assessments and optimization recommendations are also part of our portfolio.

License exploitation

As part of its projects, the University develops results that are subject to copyright or patent law.  Insofar as the University has raised its own funds or the applications for funding permit, these results can be licensed or sold to industrial companies for exclusive or non-exclusive commercial exploitation.