The E2G research group conducts research in technical building equipment and heads the following labs:

Air Conditioning and Ventilation Lab - focus on air conditioning and ventilation efficiency, global and local comfort variables and indoor air flow.

Building Physics and Thermal Comfort Lab - focus on heating and cooling with surface temperature control systems, ventilation concepts, control of transfer systems; thermal comfort in transient operation

Climate Chamber - focus on Performance tests on large-volume overall systems and as a double climate chamber for stationary, dynamic and transient tests on facades

Compound Energy Systems Lab - focus on grid-supportive operation of integrated energy systems (cogeneration with adsorption chiller, reversible heat pump/chiller, and heat and cold storage); experiments on the efficiency of individual components with different load conditions

These labs are linked thermally and electrically so that complex energy systems can be evaluated metrologically as they interact. Both complex measurement data acquisition and processing and an extensive plant operating environment (e.g., process cooling/waste heat utilization, thermostats, or waste heat utilization) are available for this purpose.