Research Group Sustainable Energy Technology

Sustainable energy technology is based on the use of regenerative energy sources as substitute for fossil fuels as well as on the increase in energy productivity and the improvement of energy efficiency in all energy conversion processes, especially in energy supply and energy use.

Since 1999 the research group NET, with Prof. Elmar Bollin and Prof. Dr. Michael Schmidt in the directing board, is focused on:

  • Improving the efficiency of building services systems based on building automation

  • Solar thermal systems for heating and cooling in buildings

  • Monitoring of energy processes in buildings and energy systems

  • Self-sufficient power supply based on renewable energy sources

  • Design and operation of micro-grids (in particular with photovoltaics, storage and controllable loads) for self-sufficient and grid-connected energy supply

  • Development and validation of optimization algorithms for the efficient operation of micro-grids

  • Advancement and utilization of load and generation forecasts in energy management

Since the INES was founded, the research group NET is part of the institute.

In addition to long-term research projects on behalf of the Federal Ministries (BMU, BMWi, BMFT, BMB), the research group NET is working on behalf of the Landesstiftung Baden-Württemberg, regional energy suppliers and industrial companies.